SNCS 1 (Singapore National Climbing Standard)
Introduction to belaying
Should I get a SNCS 1 certificate?
Often, people ask me whether there is a need to get a certificate for abseiling. The answer is NO. When you go on a mountain, nobody is going to ask for your SNCS 1 before letting you climb. This is quite ironic, why then am I offering those courses? Well, you do not need the certificate but it is important that you learn from the right people because you want to be safe at all times. I see the certificate just as a bonus to show that you have displayed the minimum standards.

That said, the certificate will be essential in two special cases. if you are looking to go to the next level (SNCS 2 in this case), you have to produce your SNCS 1 certificate. Secondly, if you wish to work in the outdoor scene, those certificates of personal proficiency go a long way.
Why train with me?
If you have made up your mind to get trained, there are many options out there. Why sign up with me? When you learn new skills, not only do you want to learn from somebody who has mastered those skills, but also from somebody who is current, and good at teaching.

I have been trained in various countries such as Singapore(duh!), Australia, Indian Himalayas, Scotland, England, and the French Alps. You can find out more here. I will be able to provide you with multiple perspectives that will help you in your learning journey.

I follow a social constructivist theory of learning and apply an inquiry-based approach as my pedagogy. This is a mouthful but in essence, it means that the way that I design the sessions is very deliberate. Often, you only get back to the activity after a few months following your training. My aim is that you understand the fundamentals such that you feel confident to carry on even after a few months break. Don't just take my words for it, you can see what previous participants said below.
What others say SNCS 1?
The "Intro to Belaying and climbing" course was a great entry point for climbing beginners like. It showcased both the mechanics of belaying and the safety measures that need to be adopted to ensure a secure and safe practice of the activity. Teshil started the session with an ice-breaking activity which helped to build a sense of camaraderie between the participants. This seemingly lighthearted activity turns out to be an essential catalyst for the active communication between the participants during the belaying phase. Teshil also repeatedly enforced the implementation of safety measures by mentioning frequently the use of safety checks and double-checks of the equipment. A course which captures the essence of basic climbing and leave you wanting to deepdive more into the climbing world.
Kherin Bhundhoo
An ideal course for those who want to satisfy their curiosity about climbing and belaying basics while taking into consideration all safety aspects.
Maneesha Tannoo
Great experience both as a belayer and a climber. Teshil's tips were crucial and up to the standards. He always ensures our safety first. Guess he made sure to unlock our climbing potentials. Highly recommended!!
Virish Ramjee
The course shows how much more important proper belaying is. Climbing is definitely not only getting up rocks. We are trained to stay safe and most importantly to ensure the safety of our climber.
Climbing can be fun but, practicing it safely is another question. After this course I was able to practice climbing safely and use my equipment with appropriate techniques to ensure the safety of a climber. I look forward to acquire more knowledge in sports climbing.
Mahesh Nunkoo
Very interesting course. Teshil made us work in group and ensure that everyone was safe and learning under his supervision. I felt at ease asking questions and comfortable practicing what was just learnt. What I liked the most is the patience of the trainer and how he encourages everyone. I higly recommend this course.
Valérie Larché
Very helpful. It ignited that spark that yes even in my forties I can do this.. Safely. With this course I got to learn the basics and also the trainer's experiences. Highly recommended.
Vickram Phoolchand
What an experience!!! Teshil is an excellent trainer who ensured that we had grasped the correct techniques when climbing while emphasizing on the importance of safety. Much appreciation and gratitude to Teshil for bringing this training to Mauritius!
Oormila Sahodree
This program was my missing link. There was so much information that I had never even thought of before, but that has made a tremendous difference in my climbing ability (and overall fitness, for that matter). Thank you Coach. I'm preparing myself for next level.
Nevina Nattum
What others say about SNAS2?
Abseiling level 2 for me was a challenging one but with his art of teaching and own efforts and his guidance I complete it. Learning new skills and knowledge , now am able to perform own abseil and self rescue without fear , looking forward to complete more level in future and develop my skills. Teshil is the best Instructor and many more to learn from him.
Gopesh Bhawaneedin
It was one of the best learning experience I had as it helped me become autonomous in troubleshooting any issue that might occur while abseiling as the course is rich in practicals.
Maneesha Tannoo
Not gna lie. It was a tough one but an absolute must. From climbing up the rope, learning knots, abseiling in difficult situations/scenarios and different types of prusiks… this was a fun and yet thrilling experience.
Virish Ramjee
These two days of moving up and down the rope makes you feel like a different species altogether. Self-rescue though physically challenging helps to build up confidence while being on the rope. P.S Most of us dream about ropes on the night of Day 2 :)
I learned much more than I expected in Level 2. After this course, I was able to do a self rescue and troubleshoot complicate situation an abseiler can face. One important habit I developed is to always check my safety. It was an intense training in which I gained a lot of information thanks to one of the best instructor I ever had.
Mahesh Nunkoo
Abseiling itself, is an outdoor activity that requires security. With Teshil as an instructor, security is at the top priority when teaching the different techniques. Teshil taught us how to master the different techniques of self rescue for any kind of situations.
Husain Mohamedally
I received my certificate, and I'd like to express my gratitude for your support. Although your course was challenging, you were constantly there for me and willing to assist. I had a great time in your session. I'm eager to take the SNAS 3 Abseiling & SNCS 2 Climbing with you.
Hansley Rambojun
What others say about Intro to Rigging?
A very enriching course that helped me discover, understand the science and all the related work required behind rigging a bolted route but also cleared a lot of misconceptions.A well designed course with practical orientation aligned with industry standards
Maneesha Tannoo
Highly highly recommended… the explanations were crystal clear and are of upmost importance. Practicing in real life with a great tutor is way better than just watching youtube vids.
Virish Ramjee
A trailer to what SNAS 3 would be, and also provides the guidelines for safe anchoring ; a very important add-on to what we learnt in SNCS 1, SNAS 1 and SNAS 2. Forever grateful to the unexpected but most welcomed course. Thank you Teshil.
This course was exactly what I needed to get the whole picture in my mind. Before ensuring my safety while climbing or abseiling, I can now ensure that my anchor is safe to use. This course help me to understand the theory behind a setup and which situation to avoid while climbing or abseiling .
Mahesh Nunkoo
Setting up rope seems easy, when you learn the risk associated with, it's more complicated than you think. With Teshil, we learned the possible risks and the good way of setting the ropes. We also learned how to protect our ropes.
Husain Mohamedally
People are trained to use their skills in the actual world. Continue your wonderful work. I'll be able to use what I've learnt in this workshop in the real world.
Hansley Rambojun
What does the syllabus cover?
This standard allows you to abseil confidently after a leader has rigged the abseil site.
  • Introduction to the Sport of Climbing
    • Development of climbing in Singapore
    • Concept of climbing
      • Sport climbing /Traditional climbing;
      • Lead / Top-rope;
      • Bouldering
  • Tie-in Knot (usage, limitation, dressing)
    • Figure of Eight thread-through
  • Introduction of Climbing Equipment (usage, care, limitation)
    • Ropes (Dynamic & Static)
    • Harness
    • Karabiner
    • Friction devices – (Fig.8 and Tubular)
    • Climbing shoes
    • Helmet
    • Chalk (drying agent)
    • Others – Quickdraws (Runners), Sling/Tape
  • Belaying Technique (5 steps belay) using friction devices
    • Belaying a climber
    • Lowering a climber
    • Belaying stance
    • Arresting a climber's fall
    • Rope handling & management
  • Basic Climbing Technique
    • Use of handholds – pinch, grip, underhand, side pull, sloper, pocket
    • Use of footholds – edging, smearing
    • Basic wall configuration – corners, overhangs, slabs, roof
  • Top-Rope Climbing
    • Pre-climb checks
    • Climbing commands
    • Spotting
    • Safety considerations – pendulums, falling on other people, rope placement, buddy check
How to sign up?
If you made up your mind, below are some of the details you need to know about the course:

Course Fee: S$ 80
Duration: Full Day
Location: The Cliff (Jurong East)
Inclusion: Certificate, Gym entrance fee, equipment rental, Instructor
Exclusion: Meals

I only run courses on weekends. For signing up, please watsapp me here indicating number of people and preferred date.
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