SNAS 1 (Singapore National Abseiling Standard)
Introduction to abseiling
Should I get a SNAS 1 certificate?
Often, people ask me whether there is a need to get a certificate for abseiling. The answer is NO. When you go on a mountain, nobody is going to ask for your SNAS 1 before letting you abseil. This is quite ironic, why then am I offering those courses? Well, you do not need the certificate but it is important that you learn from the right people because you want to be safe at all times. I see the certificate just as a bonus to show that you have displayed the minimum standards.

That said, the certificate will be essential in two special cases. if you are looking to go to the next level (SNAS 2 in this case), you have to produce your SNAS 1 certificate. Secondly, if you wish to work in the outdoor scene, those certificates of personal proficiency go a long way.
Why train with me?
If you have made up your mind to get trained, there are many options out there. Why sign up with me? When you learn new skills, not only do you want to learn from somebody who has mastered those skills, but also from somebody who is current, and good at teaching.

I have been trained in various countries such as Singapore(duh!), Australia, Indian Himalayas, Scotland, England, and the French Alps. You can find out more here. I will be able to provide you with multiple perspectives that will help you in your learning journey.

I follow a social constructivist theory of learning and apply an inquiry-based approach as my pedagogy. This is a mouthful but in essence, it means that the way that I design the sessions is very deliberate. Often, you only get back to the activity after a few months following your training. My aim is that you understand the fundamentals such that you feel confident to carry on even after a few months break. Don't just take my words for it, you can see what previous participants said below.
What others say?
Before the course, I did know about abseiling at all. I was fascinated by the knowledge and techniques I acquired during the training which created an ambition in me to abseil with a confident level.
Mahesh Nunkoo
This course helped me discover and understand the basics of abseiling.It was interactive and provisions for practicing exercises were very helpful.Overall I would recommend others to join in order to equip themselves with enough knowledge so as to safely practice the sport
Maneesha Tannoo
A must to do if you want to challenge yourself. Not only Teshil made us believe in our capabilities but also ensured that in the end, we were able to abseil like real pros.
Virish Ramjee
Getting off a Cliff never felt so safe.
What does the syllabus cover?
This standard allows you to abseil confidently after a leader has rigged the abseil site.
  • Introduction to Abseiling
    • Why do people abseil?
    • Environment – natural rocks, tower
  • Safety Considerations
    • Rope placement on descender (smiley face)
    • Importance of controlled descend
    • Appropriate attire, loose hair etc
  • Introduction of Abseil Equipment
    • Static rope
    • Harness
    • Karabiner
    • Descending device – (Fig.8)
    • Helmet
    • Gloves
  • Descend Practice
    • Rig-in and remove from rope system
    • Basic stance and brake hand
    • Abseil command
    • Descend with a fireman's belay
    • Self rescue – apply lock-on system with leg wrap
  • Rope Handling
    • Managing ropes
    • Coiling, lapping, chaining
  • Course Review
    • Suggestions for further advancement
    • General discussion and feedback
How to sign up?
If you made up your mind, below are some of the details you need to know about the course:

Course Fee: S$ 80
Duration: Full Day
Location: The Cliff (Jurong East)
Inclusion: Certificate, Gym entrance fee, equipment rental, Instructor
Exclusion: Meals

I only run courses on weekends. For signing up, please watsapp me here indicating number of people and preferred date.
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