Attempting the 10 highest peaks in Africa
A reflection of the journey through pictures

About 7 summits Africa
7 Summits Africa is a concept designed by Carel Verhoef, inspired by the 7 summits of the world. 7 Summits Africa are the 7 highest peaks in Africa, spread across Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda. In visiting, those 7 summits, there are 3 additional summits that can be reached.

This challenge was not only supposed to bring African mountaineers together but to also form a pan-African team to attempt Everest in the following years.

Xavier Koenig, and I represented Mauritius. When we attempted that challenge in 2018, we only completed 7 out of the 10 summits.

Africa has much hidden treasures
I never imagined that Africa was such an amazing place to climb. I always had the impression of dry savannahs everywhere. The expedition proved me wrong.
Beautiful snow covered peaks makes for interesting climb
Very unique flora in that part of the world
Plethora of amazing camping spots
Night Sky
Gorgeous landscape that varies in every location
Cloud Inversion
Amazing views on top of the clouds
It was NOT all fun.
It was grueling, to be honest! We were carrying our own backpack of 23kg. We went through extreme environments, from the boggy swamp, to dry savannahs to steep rock climbs and snowy terrains. Add to that the altitude. Not to forget my snoring that provided an unwanted melody to my teammates' ears. At first, we were counting down the days: 31 more days to go, 30, 29. But, we realised that it did not help.

What motivate us to go was the adventure and exploration despite the hardship.
"When you are safe at home, you wish you were having an adventure; when you're having an adventure you wish you were safe at home" Thornton Wilder
The strength comes from the TEAM
Despite being a small team. Each of us brought our unique contribution to the team. Carel (owner of Great Migration Camps), is the mastermind of this big idea to promote mountaineering in Africa. Cuthbert Swai (Managing Director of Ahsante Tours), who brought much zen to the team. Xavier Koenig was instrumental to push for the 2018 edition of 7 Summits Africa and get the sponsors on board.
Working with sponsors: Win-Win situation
Xavier is a hustler with great PR skills. Thanks to him, we managed to get the sponsors MUA, Ciel group, The secret Mauritian, Veg me, Bison Entreprise, and Lap sports. We quickly learn what made great sponsorship deals was when both parties could help each other. Our main sponsor, MUA was expanding to mainland Africa and scaling new heights resonated with them.
I had TWO highlights.
First, was to reach the high camp of Kilimanjaro at 4720m in one day from Kilimanjaro town centre. Usually, it will take around 4 days to reach there to allow the body to acclimatize. Because we have been to many peaks of 5000m in recent weeks, we were able to shoot straight to the high camp and still feel ok.

The Second was to lead a team of experienced Kilimanjaro guides up Hans Meyer Peak on Mawenzie (5149m). This has particular significance as a special permit was needed to climb that peak due to the risk of rock fall. Hence, no official climb has been done there in years. Operating at 5000m, route finding, and leading a team of locals up that peak felt really rewarding.
My toughest moment was on the roof of Africa.
I was well acclimatized. We started to climb from high Camp at Kibo right after lunch. Usually, climbers would set off early in the morning(2 to 3am). I preferred the day start. I hate midnight starts. It's cold and you are usually sleepy. We reached the summit as the sun was setting down on the horizon. That was so beautiful. Yet, the last 200m to the summit, all I could think of, was to go down. That was the first of the 7 summits that I did not want to linger on top of. I was very cold. Everybody wanted pictures as that was the highest peak on that trip. I had to be patient. Once, we decided to go down, I rushed down to the point that I was out of sight of my teammates and they had to ask me to stop. After 30mins of descent, I felt normal again. I guess that I was not fully acclimatized for that last summit push. I am happy that I can understand my body's acclimatization and adjust accordingly.
We became friends with the Media.
We were lucky to have many people rally around us. The media outlet soon became our voice to reach out to the Mauritian community. Below are some of the media posts.
What is next?
That expedition was supposed to be a springboard to form the first pan-African team to attempt Mt Everest. However, the sponsors that 7 Summits Africa had, pulled out for some political reasons. The team members are still active in their own way. As for the Mauritius representatives, Xavier and I have discussed that one day we will mount a Mauritius team to Everest. And oh yes, we did 8 peaks, not 7! You start to lose count after some time.
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